Resident Profiles

The core of is the ability to track resident information. We've designed this feature from the ground up to be quick and easy-to-use.

  • Eliminate duplicate information by having one repository of resident data used by all departments.
  • Save time during the resident intake process.
  • Reduce adminstration costs.
  • Focus on what’s important: resident care.

Resident Pictures

No resident is just a number. Using pictures in conjunction with resident health information helps staff put a face to a name. Adding a resident’s picture is quick and easy.


Track Resident Information can track resident information including: birth date, height, marital status, spoken languages, religion, occupation, hobbies, physician information, education, and more.


Family Contact Information

Keep track of phone numbers, email addresses or any other contact information for family members and next-of-kin.


Track Resident Weight

Body weight is a leading indicator of senior’s health. Track resident’s weight over time and use this data to inform the care you provide.


It's essential for your staff to have a convenient and reliable method of communicating about resident care.

  • Track historical communication about residents in your home.
  • Employees can communicate with another employee or multiple employees.
  • No more note pads, sticky notes, or messy communication logs.
  •'s messaging system ensures you keep Personal Health Information private.

Activities includes a rich activity-management feature so you can schedule activities, track participation, print out reports showing attendance, and more.

  • Share information about your residents' participation in activities their loved ones.
  • Track participation levels in your events.
  • Easily communicate new events to staff.

Activity Reports

View your history of activities at a glance. Record resident attendance so you know which activities are most effective. Resident participation makes planning for care conferences with family members much easier.



Use the calendar to keep staff informed about important meetings and other planned events. Events can be colour-coded to make it easy to identify different types at a glance. Keep all events in one central calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Care Home Management

Effectively managing your home and staff is important to providing excellent resident care. With the "My Home" feature, you will be able to monitor and analyze key information easily.

  • Management dashboard shows vital information about your home on a single screen
  • Painlessly manage employee accounts and departments
  • Manage multiple facilities or locations

Reports includes a rich set of reports you can use to study your organization's operations.

  • Activity reports show activities offered as well as resident participation
  • Resident reports let you visualize information ranging from average age of residents over time to admissions and discharges.